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Z6 ladder

Water purifier installation-free reverse osmosis integrated straight water dispenser instant hot filter

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About filtered water dispenser

  • 6 level deep purification, the first level uses a stainless steel filter to filter the larger impurities in the water, the second level uses pp cotton to filter the visible impurities such as suspended sediments in the water, and the third level uses CTO activated carbon to absorb different colors and Odor impurities, the fourth level uses RO reverse osmosis to filter out antibiotics, heavy metals, bacteria, germs, etc., the fifth level uses post-installed carbon fiber to deeply purify the water quality and improve the taste, and the sixth level uses UV ultraviolet lamps to prevent bacteria and bacteria, ensuring The water you drink is safe and healthy
  • This is not only a filter but also a water dispenser. After the drinking water is filtered, the heating operation is completed, so that you can drink directly
  • The simple and efficient design is suitable for 99% of the use environment. Whether for the elderly or babies at home, our products can ensure your drinking safety. Our products have passed various international tests. We use professional products to provide you with a life guarantee
  • The product adopts a one-piece design, which saves you from installation. It can be used whenever and wherever it is plugged in. The high-definition large screen of the drinking water filter allows you to easily control it, and the 3-second speed heating will make you completely satisfied.
  • The weight of this product is only 7kg/14lb, so it is not only suitable for home use but also suitable for long-distance travel. When the drinking water filter is placed in the car, you can drink safe and healthy water wherever you are.
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