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Fuel Tank Multi-Function Diesel jar and Kitchen Fuel Pot Spare Travel Gasoline Tank Stainless steel

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Product parameters

  • 5L/1.32 us gal =11.02in*5.11in *8.26in =1.4kg/3.08lb
  • 10L/2.64 us gal =13.77in*6.69in*10.62in=1.95kg/4.29lb
  • 15L/3.96 us gal =13.58in*6.88in*12.79in=2.3kg/5.06lb
  • 20L/5.28 us gal =14.29in*10in*12.91in=2.75kg/6.05lb
  • 25L/6.60 us gal =14.29in*10in*15.74in=3.15kg/6.93lb
  • 30L/7.92 us gal =14.29in*10.03in*16.92in=3.55kg/7.81lb
  • 35L/9.24 us gal =14.96in*11.02in*19.68in=3.75kg/8.25lb
  • 40L/10.56 us gal =14.37in*10.03in*20.86in=4kg/8.8lb
  • 50L/13.20 us gal =19.68in*11.81in*18.89in=5.6kg/12.32lb
  • 60L/15.85 us gal =19.88in*11.92in*19.13in=6.85kg/15.07lb
  1. The product is made of food grade stainless steel. It can be used not only for fuel but also for cooking oil. Stainless steel is safe against fire and flammable accidents. It is safer than plastics.
  2. The product adopts humanized design, the fuel tank mouth adopts stainless steel thread design and is equipped with sealing rubber ring to prevent oil leakage. The filter tank adopts filter type oil pouring pipe to filter impurities, which is easy to carry and has no odor in the car.
  3. The product design has a three-column handle to support the double grip. The oil drum has a stainless steel venting valve. When used daily, the oil storage is semi-suspended to prevent damage caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of the fuel tank, and to balance the pressure inside and outside the barrel. Reduce the risk, lengthen the service life of the oil drum, screw out when refueling, speed up the oil output
  4. We welcome corporate customers to customize their products, get more price concessions, and more quality products.
  5. This product is underwritten by the national insurance company. The product has been tested by the quality inspection agency and is a quality qualified product. We will ship it within 48 hours after payment
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