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Z6 ladder

attic Telescopic Ladder Ceiling fold Stairs Home steel loft Ladder Pull Down Customizable Size 5ft-12ft

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Product explanation

  • Ladder material: carbon steel
  • Product net weight: 40-70KG / 88-154LB
  • Product carrying capacity: 200kg / 440lb
  • Maximum load: 200kg / 400lb
  • Pedal length: 15inch-18inch
  • Pedal width: 5.5inch

How to choose a ladder

  • Determine opening size
  • As shown in Figure 1 -D/hole length should be between 27.55inch-47.24inch
  • As shown in Figure 1 -C/The width of the hole should be between 23.62inch-31.49inch
  • Determine the vertical height of the opening
  • Figure 2-D/vertical height range should be between 5.57ft-11.48ft
  • If the size you need is not a fixed size, please choose a fixed size one size larger on the purchase page for payment, and we will modify it according to your actual size
  • For example, if your hole size is /30inch*37inch, you can choose a fixed size of /Hole: 31.49in*39.37in, and we will verify with you again after payment

Ladder features

  • The ladder diagram provides 4 optional colors, white/black/blue/orange. Normally, we send black by default, but you can choose other colors
  • The ladder is designed with disassembled pedals, you can make modifications again according to your actual needs
  • The frame size of the ladder can be customized. We will make it according to your opening size 1:1 to ensure that each customer can receive the most suitable product
  • We will provide customized wooden box packaging, and shipping will provide 38-46 days free delivery
  • For fixed-size ladders, we will ship within 48 hours, and for custom-size ladders, it will take an additional 2-5 days for processing and production
  • If you have any questions about this product, please contact us. If you are a wholesaler, please contact us separately, we will give you a more favorable price



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