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Z6 ladder

Attic Telescopic Ladder Household Folding loft Ladder pull-down Ladder Hinge DIY Wall-mounted Ladder

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Product parameters

  • The wall fixing frame of the ladder is 60CM*70CM=1.96ft*2.29ft
  • Name: Wall-mounted telescopic  staircase
  •  Safety load: 300kg/660lb
  • Weight: 40kg-50kg/88lb-110lb
  • Pedal size: 15.74in*5.51in/40cm*14cm
  • This product is made of titanium-magnesium alloy material, which effectively reduces the weight of the ladder itself, increases the safety factor of the ladder, maximizes the service life of the ladder, and has the characteristics of rust prevention and wear resistance.
  • We will perform multiple tests before shipment to ensure that every ladder issued is safe and usable.
  • The product supports the selected colors of white, black, blue, orange. You can tell us the color you need  after payment. If you don't have color selection, we will send you a black ladder by default.
  • In order to make your purchase more perfect, we will contact you after you pay, reconfirm the specifications you need, and talk to you about some general installation issues.
  • We will provide 38-45 days of free transportation for this product. We will conduct actual testing on the product before shipment to ensure the safety/utility of the ladder. We will receive it. Shipment within 48 hours after payment, we will contact you again to confirm the height/color information of the ladder before delivery, to ensure that you get the most suitable products
  • The ladder is designed with detachable pedals, so you can adjust the height again when installing
  • This product will give a pair of alloy telescopic armrests for free
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