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Bouncing Shoes Men Jumping Stilts Men Women Fitness Exercise Carbon Fiber Sports Running Equipment

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  • Name: Carbon fiber bionic ostrich shoes
  • Height of the foot from the ground: 27 cm / 10.62 in
  • Shoe width: 13 cm/5.11in
  • Overall height: 68 cm / 26.77 in
  • Support foot length: 35 cm / 13.77 in
  • This product is made of carbon fiber material. The weight of a single shoe is only 3.828LB. The fastest running speed can reach 21mi/h.
  • The product adopts adjustable elastic design, you can easily adjust the appropriate strength. The body of the shoe is designed according to the shape of the instep and ankle of the human body. The wrapping performance is remarkable, which effectively improves the stability of the foot landing, so that you can continue running without feeling tired.
  • The product mimics the ostrich running design. The shoe has multiple elastic tubes to provide good support and anti-stress. The use of multiple elastic tubes makes the overall elasticity of the shoes increase, which can quickly consume calories and cushion the impact of the movement, so that the running does not hurt the knee.
  • The sole has a tooth shape, and the specific anti-slip groove is used to increase the friction force, the grip performance is stronger, the adsorption force is more stable, and the movement is more relaxed.
  • You can use this product directly on your shoes. This product supports foot lengths up to 13.77in.
  • We recommend that beginners wear safety gear when using it, and cannot freely disassemble parts of the product fasteners.

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  • North America 10-28 days
  • Europe 10-28 days
  • Other regions are determined according to the current shipping speed. After the order is paid, we will inform you the package shipping cycle again. If it is affected by uncontrollable factors, we will notify you in advance
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