Échelle télescopique pliante Home Loft Steps Drop Down Escalier Charnières DIY Échelle murale

Paramètres du produit Le cadre de fixation murale de l'échelle est de 60 cm * 70 cm...
Vendor: Z6 ladder
SKU: 2021011006
Availability: In Stock
Product Type: attic ladder
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Couleur: blanc
Taille de l'échelle: Hauteur verticale 1.5M/4.95ft
Sous-total: $599.99
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Échelle télescopique pliante Home Loft Steps Drop Down Escalier Charnières DIY Échelle murale

Échelle télescopique pliante Home Loft Steps Drop Down Escalier Charnières DIY Échelle murale


Échelle télescopique pliante Home Loft Steps Drop Down Escalier Charnières DIY Échelle murale

Couleur: blanc
Taille de l'échelle: Hauteur verticale 1.5M/4.95ft

Top Reviews

Mark Serrano Wednesday, Jan 26, 2020
The ladder works perfectly, it's worth mentioning that we didn't go very well when drilling holes, the seller should provide a template for drilling holes so that we can better drill holes in the wall. Other than that everything is fine it is good
Client D' Friday , Jun 6, 2020
Absolument moderne et bien fait. Beaucoup de temps pour la livraison de la Chine à la Colombie Britannique jusqu'au Québec, mais une fois arrivée et installée ça veut vraiment le coût.
Alejandro Erickson Monday , Oct 12, 2021
This ladder is the perfect fit for my oversized attic access hole. The ladder came without instructions but installation was fairly straightforward given the pictures in the item listing. Once installed it seems to work out of the box without adjusting any spring tension or anything like that. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a need for this ladder configuration but be prepared to wait longer than expected for delivery.
The size of the ladder meets our requirements
Marlana Zunlga Saturday, Feb 5, 2022
The ladder is very heavy, which we did not expect, almost all the components of the ladder are made of metal, but this seems to confirm that the quality of the ladder is good
Right size
michael thorne Thursday, May 22 , 2022
The hatch is the right size, the seller provided the custom size. It would be perfect if the stair treads were wider, all in all as expected
Francisco Stefan Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020
This is so much better than the compressors we used to use It's hard to imagine that we used to need to put a belt on the compressor, it needed to be oiled, otherwise it wouldn't work, and you also needed to check the condition of the machine constantly, or it would strike This compressor only needs to be connected to the power supply, and no other operations are required. The noise control of the compressor is very good, which is much better than the old machine we used before. Even if the machine is used for a long time, there is no abnormality, which makes us Very satisfied with the quality By the way, it is worth mentioning the packaging of the product. Due to the long distance of transportation, we are worried that the compressor will be damaged on the way, and it will be very troublesome to return and exchange the goods. However, we received the goods without any problems. The compressor is packaged and there are thick cardboard boxes in the wooden rack, which is really professional All in all recommendable
matches the seller's description
Frank Martin Friday, Apr 8, 2020
When the goods arrived, the carton was broken, although there was no problem with the ladder.
It's great product
bryan Thursday, Nov 17, 2020
I bought a 15feet telescopic ladder on amazon before and it's no problem using it, but you never know what height you'll be at the next time you use it. Sometimes you find you need to do something at a higher height, but the ladder can't reach that height, so I'd be happy to buy a longer size ladder I think it is great item. And you can put this ladder behind your car.
Awesome product
david H. ferguson Monday, Mar 6, 2021
Arrived today, haven't used it yet but looks good, not damaged in shipping
Great design
Laura Rose Thursday, Feb 14, 2021
The product arrived sooner than my expectation and in excellent condition.
works perfectly!
Jdarchllc user Tuesday, Apr 16, 2021
Made exactly to my needs
The ladder is heavy and looks sturdy
George Chauvin Wednesday, Apr 20 ,2022
Shipping was slow, it was in a plywood box for two months, but it was worth it. The stairs are beautiful with motors and remotes. Assembly instructions are additionally printed in English
Keith Monday, Mar 28, 2022
This Attic ladder after installed blew me away. it is the best attic ladder experience ever. I love every aspect of it. it is well made and precise to all specifications.'
Great Ladder ! This is a satisfied purchase
paulcthomas H. Tuesday, Jul 3 , 2021
I choose this ladder because I was restricted by the hole already in the ceiling, The size of the hole is not to specification, and the concrete is too thick to be modified.... We couldn't find the right size in multiple furniture markets, we tried making a ladder ourselves, but the process was too cumbersome and expensive.Later we saw the attic ladder of Z6 while browsing the web, since they have custom service and it is free, we bought this ladder without hesitation I also had concerns about the ability of the seller, but it turns out that the worry is superfluous. After payment, the seller will contact you immediately to confirm the parameters of the ladder, which reassures me The only downside is that the shipping is too slow, waited almost 2 months from the purchase, the goods arrived in a wooden box, the ladder didn't have any damage, and the seller assembled it in advance, the ladder was heavy, you can see that each Components are sturdy The size of the hatch is customized according to our requirements. Although there is a slight error in the size, it does not affect the installation at all. We have an appointment with a professional to do the installation and look forward to using it
High quality.
Mark Friday, Feb 20, 2022
The wooden box was damaged when the package was delivered, but fortunately there was a cushioning package and the ladder was not damaged. The ladder is heavy and you can see that the hinge arms are strong and we need a professional to install it. But that said, it’s a beautiful functioning design that’s perfect for my needs and weight.
Great service and merchandise
jayanth k. Thursday, Aug 18, 2021
It's the only merchant we've been find that offers custom sizes, and it turns out to be trustworthy They ship ladders in wooden crates so the goods arrived without any damage.seller made the ladder according to the size we provided, which we can't get anywhere else.Although we had problems reading the installation instructions, the quick replies from the customer service staff resolved those concerns.Satisfied!

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