Politique de remboursement

Buyer service guarantee

To help you get a better quality product, if you want to return your order for any reason, we're here to help! We offer free returns within 30 days of package receipt. You can return your order for store credit, exchange it for a different product, or return it to the original payment method.

  • Order delivery waiting period: 4-10 days, because different customers have different requirements for products, we will confirm the shipment within 10 days at the latest, if the product you purchased is standard size and there is no additional custom demand, we usually confirm the shipment within 4-7 days

Return/exchange process description

  • The package is signed for normally, and the goods do not have any quality problems or defects: due to the buyer's personal reasons caused by the return/exchange demand, the buyer needs to return the package to the local warehouse address/business address, the buyer needs to ensure that the returned goods are not damaged, the buyer needs to bear the freight caused by the return of the goods, the returned goods must have a label, and the merchant will send new goods or fully refund the order within 72 hours of the goods returning to the warehouse.
  • If the package received by the buyer is damaged, the merchant will provide free return/exchange service (the merchant will decide whether to return the goods according to the damage of the goods), for the goods that need to be returned/exchanged, the merchant will arrange the logistics company to pick up the goods, if the buyer's address does not support door-to-door pickup, the buyer needs to return the goods to the local warehouse by himself, the merchant will reimburse the shipping cost of the return/exchange, and the merchant will refund or send new goods to the buyer within 72 hours of receiving the returned goods.
  • If the package sent by the merchant is lost in transit (the buyer did not refuse to sign for the package), the buyer can choose to refund the order in full or reship within 5 business days of the carrier confirming that the package has been lost.
  • If a customer receives a product that does not match the product advertised on the website (excluding display color differences and display size defects), the customer will need to provide an image of the actual product for verification. If it is confirmed that the goods are inconsistent, the merchant will provide the option of refund or replacement of the goods, the merchant will arrange the logistics company to pick up the goods for free, if the customer's address does not support door-to-door pickup, the buyer needs to return the goods to the local warehouse by himself (the merchant will bear the cost of return transportation), and the merchant will process the refund or reship within 5 working days after receiving the return
  • Regarding the case of order fulfillment timeout, when the order has exceeded the shipping waiting period and has not been confirmed, the buyer can choose to cancel the order or continue to wait. During the transportation of the package, if the package is delayed due to uncontrollable factors, the merchant will contact the buyer for feedback as soon as possible, and then the two parties will negotiate.
  • Regarding the shortage of goods, if the buyer is temporarily out of stock after placing the order, the merchant will contact the buyer for feedback, and the buyer can choose to continue to wait or cancel the order.
  • Upon receipt of your return application/refund request, we will confirm the relevant matters with you by email within 1 working day


We maintain a sincere/rigorous attitude to provide you with goods and services, for goods sold in the store, we provide up to 3 years after-sales support cycle, for your purchase, we will provide parts support and technical support, the after-sales support cycle is different from the return/refund cycle