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Z6 ladder

Elektrohubwagen mobil Hydraulische Transportplattformlast 300-1000KG Scherenscharnier-Hebestruktur

Elektrohubwagen mobil Hydraulische Transportplattformlast 300-1000KG Scherenscharnier-Hebestruktur

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  • Produktname: Elektrischer hydraulischer Hubtisch
  • Kapazität: 150kg-1000kg/330lb-2200lb
  • Erhöhte Höhe: 90CM-300CM/35.43inch-118.11inch
  • Rollentyp: Polyurethan
  • Lifttyp: High-Lift Double-Scissor
  • Leistung: elektrisch + hydraulisch

Reliable & Stable

  • Overload valve design prevents damage from misuse of the truck and reduces the overall maintenance cost.
  • Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic velocity fuse.
    The heavy duty steel construction is engineered to hold up in harsh environments.
  • The simple and compact design of these carts makes them suitable for lifting and transporting loads, order picking, mold handling and assembly operations. The electric lifting platform is specially designed for different load-bearing methods. The largest customized load-bearing capacity is 1000kg, and the 3M height mobile lift can help you perfectly solve the warehouse handling problem. Please read the product parameters carefully before buying.
  • The overload valve design prevents damage caused by misuse of the truck and reduces overall maintenance costs. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic speed fuse. The heavy-duty steel structure is designed to withstand harsh environments. Both the manual version and the electric version of our lifting platform have a minimum load of 150kg, which can meet daily needs under normal circumstances.
  • Two rigid front casters and two rear swivels (with brakes) improve maneuverability in narrow areas. A safe stop minimizes the risk of deck descent during maintenance. Reduce the need for workers to bend and lift, and reduce the risk of injury. Raise and lower the deck with minimal stress and strain.
  • This product has passed IS9001 safety quality certification and national compulsory safety and quality certification. We will according to the needs of your use environment, please read carefully the parameters such as load-bearing/lifting height/power supply mode. We will test the safety performance of the lift truck again before shipment, usually we will use wooden box packaging, the transportation cycle is about 38-55 days
  • We support customization of elevators of other sizes. Please contact us before placing an order. We will discuss the production plan with our engineers. If you are a wholesaler or need to order in bulk, please contact us separately and we will send you the wholesale price. For this product, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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