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Tile Cutter Manual Fixed Ceramic Glass Floor Cutting Tool Adjustable Laser Guide with Pulley

Tile Cutter Manual Fixed Ceramic Glass Floor Cutting Tool Adjustable Laser Guide with Pulley

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Product and Advantages

  • The manual tile cutting machine is made of thick steel, which will not deform even if standing on the cutting machine. Some inferior products are made of iron sheet or very thin metal materials, which causes the product to be deformed and damaged after a period of use. Our products use thick steel. , The product's own weight has reached 20kg, enough to make you feel its quality
  • The maximum cutting size of the manual tile cutter is 120cm, which can meet 99% of daily needs. The alloy cutting head can cut tiles up to 15mm. Therefore, whether it is vitrified tiles/antique tiles/glazed tiles, or even part of the thickened glass, our products can be easily cut
  • Compared with electric tile cutters, manual tile cutters are more convenient to carry, and the cutting size is larger. Manual cutters are the first choice for professional architectural designers/renovation designers, no noise/no power limit
  • The manual cutting machine is designed with a single-sided pulley, so that it will be more convenient when you need to move indoors. The infrared proofing function of the cutting machine and the side ruler can make your work more precise. In order to better complete the bevel cutting, the cutting machine is designed Removable and detachable base, you can adjust the width of the base according to your needs
  • As a practical cutting tool, this product has passed CE quality certification and IS9001 international quality testing. If you have any questions, please contact us before buying

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