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Z6 ladder

عربة تخزين متنقلة قابلة للإزالة سلة تخزين فولاذية وزن 200 كجم

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سياسة الشحن

Product parameters

  • Detachable folding trolley
  • Material: carbon steel
  • Load capacity: 660lb

product weight

  • blue/ grey 39in*23in*33in =70.4lb
  • blue/ grey 47in*27in*39in =79.2lb
  • blue/ grey 39in*23in*33in-2=74.8lb
  • blue/ grey 47in*27in*39in-2=83.6lb

Product wheel difference

  • Nylon wheels: wear-resistant, strong bearing capacity, suitable for loading heavy objects on concrete floors
  • Rubber wheels: Minimize noise and protect the floor, suitable for indoor use

Product application

  • This product is suitable for garages, express warehouses, homes, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, enterprises and many other environments.
  • This product has been underwritten by the national insurance company, and the products have passed the test of the national industry quality testing unit, you can buy with confidence.
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