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Z6 ladder

Propeller thruster water scooter underwater sports diving equipment swimming practice tool

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Specifications and parameters

  • Engine 24voltdc-300w
  • Working time: 40 minutes - 70 minutes
  • Depth range: 30 meters
  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Product size: 59.7CM*37.2CM*31.1CM
  • Product weight: 10.2kg (including packaging)
  • Shipping size: 64 cm * 40 cm * 37 cm

Packing List

  • Underwater propeller / one
  • 24V 6AH lead acid battery (1)
  • One charger (providing national standard plug)
  • Backpack (one)
  • Gas Lei (one)
  • Instruction manual (one copy)
  • Spare seal

product advantages

  • After entering the water, hold the handle with both hands, press the tail with two elbow joints (fully immersed in water) to make it slightly lower than the head (1/3 of the water surface), and put the tail on the chest and press it with the swim ring.
  • Press the starter propeller on the right hand to make it work. Slowly relax both arms and press the tail to avoid floating out of the water.
  • The machine is slowly moving backwards while the machine is running. The machine is running normally in the water and the person is completely in a straight line. The right hand releases the start switch and the machine stops
  • Suitable range: playground, swimming pool, riverside, lakeside, shoal, pond, bath,You can dive to swim, swim more cheerfully, and the diving is more exciting.
  • We will provide quality assurance for this product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and the products will be shipped within 24 hours.

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