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Z6 ladder

Portable Ladder Aluminum Extension Ladder European Standard Anti-Skid Folding Telescopic Stairs

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Product parameters

  • Multifunction ladder 10.3+10.3ft / maximum height 20.34ft/Ladder steps 10+10/ Contraction height 40.15inch/ Weight 54.60lb
  • Multi-function ladder 9.35+9.35ft / maximum height 18.37ft/Ladder steps 9+9/Contraction height 38.58inch/Weight 51.59lb
  • Multi-function ladder 8.36+8.36ft /maximum height  16.40ft/Ladder steps 8+8/Contraction height 37.40inch/Weight 46.11lb
  • Multi-function ladder 7.38+7.38ft /maximum height 14.43ft/Ladder steps 7+7/Contraction height 36.22inch/Weight 40.7lb
  • Multi-function ladder 6.39+6.39ft /maximum height  12.46ft/Ladder steps 6+6/Contraction height 35.03inch/Weight 36.63lb

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