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Z6 ladder

Telescopic Ladder Thickening Extension Ladder Multi-Function Portable Folding Ladder Aluminum 6.56ft-25ft

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Product parameters

  • Single-sided straight ladder
  • 2M/6.56ft=shrink size 68cm/26.77in=net weight 5.5kg/12.1lb
  • 2.6M/8.53ft =shrink size 74cm/29.13in=net weight 6.5kg/14.3lb
  • 2.9M/9.51ft =shrink size 77cm/30.31in=net weight 7.5kg/16.5lb
  • 3.2M/10.49ft =shrink size 80cm/31.49in=net weight 8.3kg/18.26lb
  • 3.8M/12.46ft =shrink size 86cm/33.85in=net weight 9.6kg/21.12lb
  • 4.1M/13.45ft =shrink size 89cm/35.03in=net weight 11.5kg/25.3lb
  • 4.4M/14.43ft =shrink size 92cm/36.22in=net weight 13.2kg29.04lb
  • 5M/16.40ft =shrink size 106cm/40.55in=net weight  14.3kg/31.46lb
  • 5.4M/17.71ft =shrink size 109cm/41.73in=net weight 16kg/35.2lb
  • 5.8M/19.02ft =shrink size 112cm/44.09in=net weight 17kg/37.4lb
  • 6.2M/20.34ft =shrink size 115cm/45.27in=net weight  17.8kg/39.16lb
  • 6.6M/21.65ft =shrink size 122cm/48.03in=net weight  19.5kg/42.24lb
  • 7M/23ft =shrink size 126cm/49.60in=net weight 21kg/46.2lb

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