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Z6 ladder

attic ladder with handrails wooden telescopic ladder 3m ceiling ladder loft Ladder with Hatch folding stair customize

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Product parameter description

  • Material: solid wood
  • Carrying weight: 150kg
  • Height range supports 1.5M-3M
  • The opening width supports 70-80cm
  • The length of the hole supports 90-140cm

How to choose the right ladder size?

  • Picture: B-opening length/*A-opening width
  • D-The vertical height from the attic opening to the ground
  • If your opening is not a standard size, please choose a larger fixed size to pay
  • We support free modification of the ladder parameters to make the ladder suitable for your installation position
  • The modification cannot exceed the order step (hole length/hole width/hole height)

Product purchase instructions

  • This product is an invisible telescopic ladder at the entrance of a family loft. This product is made of solid wood and is equipped with a pair of fixed armrests, which makes you safer and more convenient to use.
  • When ordering this product, you need to select the size of the hole first, and then select the vertical height from the hole to the ground. Please confirm the distance between the edge of the orifice and the vertical wall.
  • The frame size of the ladder can be customized. We will make 1:1 according to your opening size to ensure that every customer can receive the most suitable product. In order to ensure that the product you buy perfectly matches the size of the attic opening, it is recommended that you contact us after payment, and we will help you solve all problems.
  • For fixed-size ladders, we will ship them within 48 hours, and for custom-size ladders, it will take an additional 2-5 days for processing and production.
  • This product has passed IS9001 international quality certification. We will provide every customer with permanent service and accessory support, in order to help customers solve problems in future use.

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